Fine Purveyors

Many in the beverage industry in the U.S. cater to the broad spectrum of drinkers. Beer and wine of all varieties consume large amounts of shelf space in many stores. Clear spirits are quite popular and throughout the south, bourbon is king. But there are those purveyors who also appreciate the history and tradition of the single malt. These fine merchants take special care to maintain large inventories of the most holy of spirits.

Don and I enjoy hunting for these treasures and so far have resisted the temptation to purchase single malts on-line. By visiting the store, we try to develop special relationships with the fine men and women who share our passion. We have listed their stores here for your convenience. If you are in the area, stop by and introduce yourself.

District of Columbia
Central Liquors
The Wine Specialist
Pat’s Wine & Leaf, Orlando
Joseph’s Liquor and Fine Wine, Orlando
Green’s Discount Beverage Stores, Atlanta (2 locations)
Habersham’s Beverage Warehouse, Savannah
Tower Wine & Spirits, Atlanta
New Jersey
Bayway World of Liquors, Elizabeth
Shopper’s Vineyard, Cliton
Wine of the 9, Howell
South Carolina
Bill’s Liquor Store, Beaufort
Bill’s Liquor Store, Bluffton
Frugal MacDoogal’s Beverage Warehouse, Fort Mills
Green’s Discount Beverage Store, Myrtle Beach
Reilley’s Wine & Spirits, Hilton Head
Southern Spirits, Fort Mills
Bob’s Package Store, Knoxville
McScrooge’s, Knoxville
Red Dog Wine & Spirits, Franklin

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