Can You Help Me Find a 2000 Bowmore Ultimate?

From David:
Hope you can help me.  Looking for 2000 Bowmore Ultimate Scotch Whiskey.  Any idea of where I can find this? I’m based in the United States.  Also, I have a private client that wishes to purchase and entire barrel of scotch, have it aged and bottled for his son, family, etc. Do you know anyone that would do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

From Scotch Hunter Steve:
David, thanks so much for writing.  Your questions are good ones.  I have been working on both this week and wish I had better news.

I found several tasting notes and several bottlings of the 2000 Bowmore Ultimate.  I could not find a retailer in the U.S.  It is a rare expression, however.  If you have not already done so, you might post your query on a few blogs or contact a giant retailer such as LoveScotch.Com.

Up until very recently, there were several distilleries that would age a cask of your favorite single malt and ship it directly to you.  What a wonderful idea.  It’s not an inexpensive idea but still wonderful.

Regretfully, a new law in Scotland prohibits selling and shipping casks of whisky out of the country! Current customers (those with depending orders)are not effected by the new decree.  I am not sure if there is any way to work around this new development or not.

My friend, the Wildscotsman in Cinny, says everything in this country is in bottles.  This comes as a great disappointment since I was thinking about doing the same thing!  I suppose it is still possible to order a cask, have it aged, and then drink it in Scotland, but that might be a little more inconvenient.

I am sorry I can’t bring you better news.

Thanks again for writing and your interest in Scotch Hunter.


Scotch Hunter Steve

By ScotchHunter

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