The Perfect Scotch Gift for my Husband’s 30th Birthday

Good Afternoon ScotchHunters!

I am wondering if you could help me in search for perfect scotch gift for my husband’s 30th Birthday in September!

To start, I am less than a beginner when it comes to scotch, my husband has a small collection and loves to sip on good Highland Park or Macallan (those are his favorites) after dinner. That is why I started searching for Highland Park and Macallan in different ages and came to find out that Highland Park 25 or 22 would be the best gift for him. (Of course he would be hoping to try Highland Park 30 one day, but this is after I make my 1st million of dollars). 🙂

I was wondering (don’t get me wrong, I know I could insult scotch lovers asking this question) if you know anything about tasting / sampling size bottles? (real one 25years old, 750ml is over 300$, I could go with 22years old for almost 200$, but don’t know the difference between those two). Or maybe full sets of Highland Park (or Macallan) samplers? I know Johnnie Walker offers one. If that option would be out of the question, what would you recommend? Other Single Malts with similar taste palette? Would appreciate your knowledge 😉



From Scotch Hunter Steve:

Aleksandra, thanks so much for writing. Your husband has good tastes in single malt and your question is a good one.

In my travels abroad, I have found dozens of mini-bottles of even rare single malts in whisky shops in England and Scotland. Single malt mini-bottles and sets are harder to come by in the USA. If you live in a major city and are fortunate to live near liquor superstores, you are more likely to have better luck at finding them.

With respect to a selection for your husband, many scotch lovers share the notion that hundreds of excellent single malts can be purchased in the $75 to $150 range and that doubling this price range does not mean that the malt will be twice as good. If your husband likes the taste of Highland Park and Macallan (my favorite is the 18 year old), I can make several other suggestions that might be a little easier on your pocket book.

The Glenfarclas 21 year old is an excellent malt – full of fruit, sherry, and honey. It sells for about $110. The Balvenie 15 year old, 17 year old finished in rum casks, and the 17 year old finished in maderia casks are also fruity, sherried malts that are excellent. These run about $125.

One of my favorite cask strength malts is the Aberlour Abudah. Cask strength means that it is not been diluted with water as it was bottled. The drinker adds the water to taste. It sells for about $70.

Let me know if this helps and write back if you want to chat some more.

Thanks so much for your interest in Scotch Hunter.

Steve Janosik

Thank You very much Steve!!!

It shows how little I know about Scotch!! But I am getting used to its taste more and more 🙂 so maybe knowledge will come to me, too hahah

I will try to look for the scotches you have suggested to purchase. I live in San Francisco and we have pretty good local store here my husband always goes to called Cask. You can take a sneak peak at their website if you like: Cool thing they offer – they do custom engraving on bottles, so I think it would be a nice touch to put some personal note on the gift 😉

Also, good friends of mine live in Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh) so I may try to ask them for help in search for some rare samples.

I totally agree, the taste doesn’t get better with price. I think my husband tried Macallan 25? and said, he likes the 18 and 12 way much better.

I will check the Glenfarclas 21 and Aberlour Abudah availability in San Francisco before I go with the Highland Park 25. I do really like your description – more ‘wine like’ notes are my husbands favorite!

PS. And I love your last name!!!!! do you know what it means? I am Polish (I moved to the US 4years ago) and Janosik is our national legendary hero!!! he is a polish version of Robin Hood!!! every person in Poland knows Janosik’s stories shown in TV series from 80′ !!! I remember spending countless hours in front of TV watching them over and over again…..have you ever heard about the story?

Thank You once again for your help!
I will let you know how my shopping goes

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