Ardbeg 10 year old

Color:Fine Sherry
Nose:Smoke, brine, iodine, dryness
Body:Only medicum to full, but very firm
Palate:A light heavyweight with a punch worthy of a higher division. Skips sweetly along at first, then becomes mean and moody in the lengthy middle of the encounter
Finish:Hefty, lots of iodine
First Tasted:March 2003
Price: $$
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By Scotch Hunter

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  1. This is a whacky whiskey. Big iodine, big peat, very thin body, weak color–like urine if you’d drunk a lot of water; or to be more pleasant, sauvignon blanc.

    So I made a blended whiskey–not of the whole bottle. One-to-one with a dark citrine, heavy weight, Auchentoshan.

    Delicious. I shall do it again…and again…

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