Balvenie 15 year old

Color:Pale gold
Nose:Assertive, dry, oak, rotty, cedar, lemond, heather-honey
Palate:Lively orange skins, sweetness and tartness
Finish:Very dry cinnanmon, ginger, pepper
First Tasted:

By Scotch Hunter

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    1. You should have the single cask then, it’s amazing. Also they’ve got an amazing 21 yo port wood that’s probably among the three best single malts I’ve ever tasted.

  1. One if the purest Balvenies you can buy. Straight from cask to bottle avoiding the chill filter and colouring department. A whisky in its most purest form. Goes down well with good company. Likes a splash of water to release all those sweet flavours. Think Worthers Original. A firm favorite of mine.

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