Cardhu 12 year old

Color:Pale gold
Nose:Light, appetizing with a faint hint of smoke
Body:Light and smooth
Palate:Light to medium in flavor, malty
Finish:A lingering surupy sweetness, but also a rounder dryness with late hints of peat
First Tasted:August 2002

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. When they say things like “earthy” and “smoky” they’re not kidding. This scotch has a full bodied taste of both which hits the moment it reaches your mouth and rides on after you have swallowed it. If you’re not into those flavors in a scotch, you’re likely not to enjoy this one. One thing I noticed, Cardhu is so versatile in how it mixes with each thing. I tried this scotch undiluted, with water and with sprite. It will depend on your tastes but there is a drastic change from one medium to the next. I detected a hint of a vanilla and spices in this which was quite nice. For around $40 a bottle, not a bad gig at all. Best part is, drink it till you fall over and no hangovers. 4 stars out of 5 for me. Pretty damn good scotch lads!

  2. This one was not for me. Light/medium bodied scotch with a very bland taste. Definitely skip this one as it offers little flavor or complexity.

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