Tasting – January 7, 2024

 In Impressions from the Scotch Hunters

We added three new malts to our list of malts tasted during our January Tasting – two from the Highlands and one from Campbeltown.  These were modestly priced expressions.

The Tullibardine 12 year old was the lightest of the three.  It has a soft, heather, honey profile with hints of vanilla and malt.  It finishes with a warming gentle spice.  As an interesting historical note, Tullibardine, in its early years was a brewery, and 1488 conducted the first public sale of beer to King James IV of Scotland.

The 12 year old Loch Loman has a bit more power and bite.  The citrus-lemon and vanilla dominate.  Its finish is medium in length with a gentle wood (not peat) smoke.

The Kilkerran 12 year old from Glengyle distillery was the winner of the group.  The nose contained oak notes and toasted marshmallow with a hint of peat.  Its flavor profile included citrus and orange notes and perhaps honey and a bit of vanilla. The finish seems a bit oily, a bit of peat, and some salt make for a pleasant mix.

A more detailed description of our impressions can be found in our individual tasting notes.


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