A Relatively New Distillery in the Lowland Region

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Lochlea is a family farm turned distillery.  In 2015, it began growing malting barley as an experiment.  It released its first single malt in 2022 and has been producing relatively small batches of its single malt ever since.  Their approach is a bit different.  They have no visitor center and no gift shop,  Their only focus is making great whisky.  At Lochlea, they’ve been producing four annual releases inspired by the different seasons at the farm.  The Ploughing Edition is Lochlea’s winter release.  It’s also the first single malt from the distillery with a smoky profile.  This whisky has been matured in a combination of ex-Islay whisky barrels and peated quarter casks, bringing an additional layer of smoke to the fruit and cereal character at its core.

We’ve tasted six different expressions of Lochlea.  Each is distinctive, pleasant, but not very complex.  Any of these might be an excellent way to introduce a novice to the wonderful world of single malt.  I am especially pleased to see new distilleries popping up in the southern part of Scotland.



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