Ardbeg and Smoked Brisket

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I was doing a little research on the Ardbeg distillery and stumbled across and article on a limited release Ardbeg called BizarreBBQ,  I have not seen it in the USA yet but I was intrigued.  Having just bought a beef brisket for the weekend, I decided to pair my favorite smoked meat with the bottle of Ardbeg An Oa I had just purchased a few weeks earlier.

Well sauced brisket with a wee dram of the An Oa was not the smooth pairing I had hoped for.  Perhaps there was too much competition among the various flavors of smoke all vying for attention (e.g., natural hickory smoke from the cooking process, liquid smoke in the sauce, and the peat and smoke of the Ardbeg).  But then as I finished the meal, rested a moment, and then finished my dram of An Oa, the experience became much more pleasurable.  At least for me, timing was a key factor.

Of course, the distillers at Ardbeg say the BizarreBBQ single malt is especially developed to pair with BBQ.  The An Oa is not.  I plan to purchase a bottle of BizarreBBQ if it becomes available.  It certainly deserves another try.


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