Those searching these pages may be fortunate to live in large cities where fine liquor stores stock plenty of single malts. Even better, some may be fortunate to live across the pond much closer to the source of this most magnificent elixir. For these lucky mortals, finding something new to taste presents no challenge at all.

In Virginia (US), however, the sale of fine spirits is controlled by the Commonwealth through its package stores. As a result, the variety of single malts available to us is limited. The more popular, less expensive, and more common single malts are plentiful but our tastes require more. The rare and extraordinary single malt requires a purposeful hunt.

As we travel from state to state, we have found several merchants that seem to understand the specialness of the single malt and stock a wide variety of excellent scotches. We have honored them as “Fine Purveyors” and have listed them, commented about their inventory, and given the particulars about their shops on a separate page linked at the right. In case you are ever in the area, stop, look, and purchase. You will not be disappointed.

To help us with our hunt, we have also identified several “Worthy Scotches Not Yet Found.” The names of these brands appear on a separate link as well. If you have located these rarities, drop us a note. We are prepared to travel almost anywhere to find these treasures.


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