I Do Love Sweet and Powerful Malts

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I have this bottle quite a long time.  It is a 19 year-old Glen Keith by Exclusive Malts.  It is not technically a cask strength malt since it’s alcohol content is only 50.8% abv but it still packs a punch.  You can smell the alcohol on the nose along with a very sweet caramel.  Although, it looks much darker in the bottle, in the glass, it a reflective bright gold.  The mouthfeel is heavy.  Sugar cane, sweet fruit, and sherry dominate – lovely.  Its finish is long and spicy.  What’s not to like about that.

The Glen Keith Distillery was founded in the 1950s, mothballed, and then reopened.  I have not seen a bottle of Glen Keith anywhere for ages.  It is truly a shame.




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