Tasting – June 15, 2023

 In Impressions from the Scotch Hunters

This month’s tasting was held outdoors on a beautiful sunny and cool summer’s day.  We sampled three malts from three different distilling regions of Scotland – the Lowlands, the Highlands, and Campbeltown.  The Lochlea is a relatively new distillery and has only recently started to distribute its malt in the States.  The Our Barley expression is the fourth we have tasted – a mild dram compared to the other two.   The Ardnamurchan (AD/022202) is a lighlty-peated malt with notes of honey and a hint of lime.  This, too, is a newcomer to the world of single malt and has only recently appeared in the USA.  Our final selection in this month’s tasting was a 15 year old Springbank from Campbeltown.  This expression was quite rich with a hint of pineapple on the finish.

It was an excellent way to end the afternoon.  Detailed impressions and our ratings can be found in the Tasting Notes section of this website.

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