Those just beginning their single malt experience should take care to read the introductory material found on these web pages. When purchasing single bottles of malt, we suggest that you consult our tasting notes and star ratings. If you are lucky enough to have a vendor at your favorite liquor store who knows single malts, take advantage of his or her knowledge. For those seeking a fuller tasting experience, we recommend purchasing and then tasting at least three distinctly different scotches at a single sitting. The differences in nose, color, palate and finish will be much more noticeable. As you will learn, the colors of single malt can range from white wine to reddish amber. The bouquet can include sweet grassy, flowery, fruity, woody, smoky, or peaty smells. The taste can be soft and smooth, full and complex, bitter or drying. As you become more experienced, your senses will become more acute and aware of the nuances in each malt. So as not bend the pocket book, we recommend the following scotches that are moderate in price, easily available, yet distinctive.


Once your selections have been purchased, arrange for an after dinner tasting with good friends. Follow the tips given on the links entitled:

Storing and Serving Single Malts
Tips for Nosing and Tasting
What to Look for While Nosing and Tasting

For those new to the pleasures of single malt, we want also to identify
two inexpensive malts that are excellent values. If you are lucky enough to
see these, and purchase them in large quantities.

Dram Select 12 year old – a great buy
Lismore No Age Statement – a great buy


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