Perception is a Funny Thing

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We’ve been tasting single malt scotch for more than 35 years and we have sampled more than 575 different expressions.  Occasionally, our little group will go back and taste a malt from the distant past just to see how our initial impressions hold up over time.  In the vast majority of cases, our first assessments hold true but every now and then we’re surprised by our tasting experience.  Take the 10 year old Laphroaig as a case in point.

We sampled this single malt scotch some 25 year ago.  It is widely regarded as a heavily peated, iodine-rich, medicinal single malt.  It’s a complex expression that includes notes of seaweed, tar, black pepper and a salty brine.  Decades ago we were a bit overwhelmed by this powerful dram and we rated it as harshly as it tasted – 1.0.  Since those early years we have come to appreciate heavily peated whiskies and even look forward to drinking them especially on those cold blustery days when you crave a powerful, warming dram that comforts you in such weather!  Last week during our re-tasting, we rated it 3.5 as our tasting notes now reflect.  The Laphroaig will never be my favorite dram but it should have a place in every liquor cabinet.

Perceptions change over time.  It never hurts to go back and test yours.

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