Have Other Distilleries Marketed Cask Strength Besides Macallan?

Has any other distilleries marketed cask strength besides Macallan?

Dwayne, thanks so much for writing. Your question is a good one and I am happy to report that the short answer to your question is yes! In fact, most distilleries bottle one or more of their malts at cask strength. Frankly, Don and I prefer to drink single malt at cask strength. By doing so, we get to add the amount of water we prefer based on the weather, temperature, or even our mood. The Aberlour a’bundah, Glenfarclas 105, and Glenlivet 16 year old Nadura are three of our favorites.

We’ve just redesigned our web site and are still adding information to our data base. We’ll be adding a cask strength designation and independent bottling information in the near future.

Thanks so much for your inquiry and your interest in Scotch Hunter.


Scotch Hunter Steve

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