Scotch Hunters Continue to Try Expressions from the Master of Malt

Our good friends from the Master of Malt continue to send us samples from time to time.  The latest expressions included an 18-year old Laghroaig and a cask strength 9-year old Glenfarclas.

The 18-year old Laghroaig (48% alc/vol) was a bit reserved on the nose but was unmistakably Laghroaig.  The nose was a soft Islay smoke with a hint of licorice and oak.  Its palate was well integrated, rounded, spirity with peat and peppery.   Its finish was very mature with a smooth charcoal flavor at the end.  We rated this expression 5-stars.

The cask strength (53.0% alc/vol) 9-year old Glenfarclas had sufficient character but not much complexity.  Its palate was sweet with citrus notes.   As one might expect the alcohol lingered on the tongue in a most pleasant manner.  We thought this expression was worthy of 4-stars and exceptionally well done for its age.

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By Scotch Hunter

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