Bladnoch 11 year old

Nose:Hints of sherry, fragrantly fruity, lemony
Body:Full and firm
Palate:Lots of development from a sherrish start through ceral-grain grassiness to flowery lemony notes
Finish:Suprisingly assertive and warming for a lowland single malt
First Tasted:October 2003

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. stayed in bladnoch about 18 years ago and did their tour . It was the start of my malt adventure . Never look back always forward to the next single ( or double if yr lucky )

    1. Hi Barry “Never look back” but feel free to come back … and see what we are doing. Not much has changed perhaps but you’ll get a warm welcome. You must have first visited Bladnoch at the time of its closure in 1993.
      Best wishes from the SW of Scotland.

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