Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

Glenmorangie 12 Year Old

Nose:Rich and syrupy with a heady mix of home baked desserts, Madeira cake, lemon curd, spicy
Body:Medium and smooth
Palate:Deep, rich and mouth-coating, tingly, tangy, chewy with spices, toasted oak, honey and lemon, and soft vanilla
Finish:Long and sweet, soft sponge cake, vanilla cream and lemon curd, with a hint of eucalyptus
First Tasted:April 2008
Price: $$
Number: 215

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. Found your site very informative and helpful. Thank you. Please explain the number reference. Glenmorangie nectar d’oeuvre was rated @ 215?

  2. @ed gray – Actually the “number” just refers to our personal number of single malts tasted. So this one was the 215th single malt we have reviewed.

    This number caused some confused on our iPhone app as well so we removed it from the app. But we like to keep track of that data for ourselves so we have elected to leave in on the website.

  3. My favourite scotch, by far. Sweet, spicy, and subtle citrus flavours make your mouth water. It is warm and enveloping with a nice vanilla backbone. With only limited quantities in Canada, I’ve stocked up on just a couple.

  4. I get silky honeysuckle sweetness on the tongue with overtones of orange and orange marmalade with a spicy sweet finish. A fantastic scotch that pairs well with Partigas Lusitanias, Black Pearl Morado, Padron Serie 1926 #9 and Camaroon-wrapped cigars.

  5. I get more orange marmalade and less lemon. Maybe Almafi lemon. Honey suckle on the finish, too. Smooth honey throughout. A bit pricy for a 12 year old but experience is worth it.

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