Lagavulin 12 year old

Nose:Smoky, sea salt and peat
Body:Full, smooth, firm
Palate:Dry, oily, grassy, salty
Finish:Huge, long, powerful peat
First Tasted:August 2005

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. My first real introduction to peat was the Lagavulin, and like many first times, it was less than spectacular. With time, however, I have grown to appreciate it.
    I find it to be saltier and soapier than a Laphroaig, or Ardberg, and for this rason I drink it less often, and with water when I do.

    It will always be my first peaty scotch whiskey, but I am afraid it’s not my favourite.

  2. I prefer the 16 year. I love the smokiness and the peat, which the 12 lacks. It’s nice, though. Better to go with the Laphroig 10 over the Lagavulin 12, in my opinion.

  3. The 16 was a treasured gift (despite always being a bit too “peaty”). On the whole, I’ve always found it unique among single malt scotch. Intrigued by the 12…will likely try it as well.

  4. This Scotch is very peaty and smoky like Laphroaig, but where it differs is its lack of flavor character behind it in comparison to Laphroaig. It is very powerful, but lacks a certain amount of elegance in the background flavors it provides. The grassy salty flavor doesn’t release an spicy tones across the tasting range the way Laphroaig does. To me this will always make me just want to go find a bottle of Laphroaig. However it is still a good strong Scotch with a lot of Character. This also should be taken on the rocks or with water to release its aroma and flavor. This ranks just outside my top 30 on my all time greatest Scotch list.

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