Laphroaig 10 year old

Color:Full refractive gold
Nose:Medicinal, phenolic, seaweedy with a hint of sherry
Body:Medium, oily
Palate:Powerful, seaweedy, very peaty and smoky, salty, oily
Finish:Round and very dry
First Tasted:February 2004

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. I always buy the 10yr Cask strength due to it’s traditional filtering method. It keeps the full character of this fine Scotch intact. This is a very powerful Smoky Peaty scotch with an amazing flavor to it. Be warned this isn’t a Scotch for a new person to Whisky. This is for the connoisseur. Once you are ready for it, you will find an amazing character that can overcome anything you had for dinner. This is an outstanding after dinner Scotch. Be warned that you will not taste any other flavor for hours. This is also the only Scotch that bares the Mark of His Majesty, the Prince of Wales. It has a slight hint of Sherry in it. Note that it is highly recommended to take this particular Scotch with water or on the rocks. The aroma and flavor fully unlock in this style. I personally drink it straight, but I am a very rare breed in that regard. This ranks #5 on my all time greatest Scotch list.

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