Lismore No Age

Color:Deep amber
Nose:Malt and toffee nose
Body:Medium to mild
Palate:Sweet, vanilla, lightly floral
Finish:Abrupt and rather tart, drying
First Tasted:December 2003

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. I bought this, frankly, because of the price. A single malt for $22 is a good deal. It is a 6yr old scotch, and a bout what one should expect for a young whiskey. The nose s light and grassy, of course, it is a Speyside, so that should be no surprise. The flavor is simple and a bit flat for a good Scotch (by which I generally mean a 16 yr Balvenie or a 16 or 18 yr Bunnahabhain). It is, however, good, and at $21.99 compared to $60-120 it is well worth the price.

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