Macallan 12 year old

Nose:Sherry, honey, flowery notes
Body:Full, smooth
Palate:Hints of flowering currant; altogether more expressive than the 10 year old
First Tasted:June 2003

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. This is an excellent Scotch. It is the perfect blend of sweet and peat, leaning towards sweet. I enjoy the smooth oily feel on my tongue and light smoky flavor. For the quality it’s usually a decent price too! It’s my favorite single malt.

  2. This is the gold standard of single malt scotch. It should be the metric and the basis upon which all others are measured. Not to say it is the finest or unsurpassed, but it is simply the perfect expression of the single malt.

  3. Sweet carmel and roasted marshmallow. Complex and yummy with a long sensuous finish. Should be the first scotch anyone tastes before they say they do not like scotch!

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