Oban 14 year old

Nose:Assertive, peaty, smoky
Body:Quite rich, smooth, lighlty viscous
Palate:Delicate at first; perfumy, fruity seaweed; then waxy, smoky, dry
Finish:Aromaitc, smooth, long
First Tasted:

By Scotch Hunter

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  1. An excellent whiskey for autumn and winter, a warming peaty taste. I first tried this in Oban, it truely captures the area with a hint of the sea air.

  2. I am new to single malt scotch, but somebody bought me a bottle of Oban for my birthday. I find it superb, it leaves, to my sense, a slightly sweet taste in the finish. I would like to try something similar now that my taste buds have opened up to this experience.

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