Bowmore No Age
Date Tasted: September 2002 # Tasted:
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Color: Full gold
Nose: Peaty, smoky, very appetizing
Body: Light but textured
Palate: Firm, a touch of iron, leafy, ferny, peaty, earthy sweetness. Flavors are very singular and not yet melded. A fresh young whisky but no obvious spiritness.
Finish: Sweet then salty
Steve's Rating
Don's Rating
Terry's Rating
Flavor: Light, Peaty, Smokey, Sweet ABV: 40%

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Bowmore Distillery was founded in 1779 and is located on the island of Islay, just off the coast of Scotland. It was one of the first distilleries in the country, and it is still in operation today distilling some absolutely brilliant whiskies.

The distillery is open to the public for tours and tastings. The single malt produced by Bowmore is known for its light and citrusy undertones. However, there are a several of richer malts for those that enjoy a heavy and deep taste to their whisky (these tend to have chocolate undertones). It doesn’t matter what single malt whisky you sample from their range though, almost everything Bowmore produces has an incredibly delicate smoky note.


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