Brora 27 year old
Date Tasted: August 2006 # Tasted:
Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Color: Bright primrose with a lime tinge
Nose: Very flowery, camomile, sweet lime
Body: Lightly oily
Palate: Lively, fruity, distinctive gorse, fresh lime, then peppery seaweed
Finish: Sandy, grainy, mustray, wasabi
Steve's Rating
Don's Rating
Terry's Rating
Flavor: Flowery, Light, Sweet ABV: 56.1%

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Brora, located in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, was one of the original producers of single malt scotch whisky in the country. It was founded in 1819, but sadly due to falling trade and the amount of competition in the area, was forced to close in 1983 when the building was completely raised.

However, on October 9, 2017 Diageo announced that it will re-open the Brora distillery with production resuming in 2020. On 19 May 2021 it was announced the reopening was complete and the first new cask of spirit had been filled.

Brora is known best for its lightly peated scotch whiskies. Those who sample aged Brora whiskeys nowadays can look forward to a wide variety of different‚ tastes. Many of the whiskies are incredibly fruity with hints of sherry.



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