Dallas Dhu 19 year old
Date Tasted: September 2003 # Tasted:
Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Color: Bright greeny gold
Nose: Peat, grassy with a hint of apple and cream
Body: Lightly and creamy
Palate: Very clean, honeyish, flowery, and dry
Finish: Honeyish, dryness, moving to grass and peat
Steve's Rating
Don's Rating
Terry's Rating
Flavor: Dry, Flowery, Peaty, Sweet ABV: 40%

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Dallas Dhu distillery was a producer of single malt scotch that operated between 1899 and 1983 in Forres, Moray, Scotland. Dallas Dhu means “Black Water Valley” in Gaelic.  In 1899, Alexander Edward designed the Dallas Dhu distillery at the height of the whisky boom. Later he sold the plans and the distillery was built by the blender Wright and Greg. It was acquired by Benmore Distilleries Ltd, which joined DCL in 1929. The stillhouse was destroyed by a fire in 1939, but rebuilt. Production continued until the distillery closed in 1983; it is now a museum.

Visitors can wander the grounds of the Dallas Dhu museum, learn about the craft of Scotch whisky, and tour the two-story malt barn warehouse, kiln and other original sections of the distillery.

Bottles of Dallas Dhu are difficult to find but some independent bottlers may still have inventory.  Gordon McPhail and Connoisseur’s Choice may be your best opportunity.


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