Glen Keith 19 year old – Exclusive Malts
Date Tasted: # Tasted: 353
Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Color: Deep gold
Nose: Heavily sherried with cinnamon and apples, caramel
Body: Full
Palate: Slippery lemon peel, more sherry, pepper and spice
Finish: Drying spice, hints of vanilla with a drop of water
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Flavor: ABV: 50.7% Cost: $$

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On the banks of the River Isla, at the site of the old Mill of Keith sits the Glen Keith, a stone’s throw from its sister Strathisla Distillery. Completed in 1958, Glen Keith was the first distillery to open in Speyside post the whisky boom in the 1890s. It was designed as an experimental distillery, making a ‘sideways’ and versatile spirit; Seagram built the distillery partly to explore the production of a peated spirit for blending: Glen Isla. Among its experimental features was the first microprocessor; this chip controlled all aspects of production. Glen Keith experimented with triple distillation and has been rumoured to produce mash bills from grains other than barley.

In 1999 Glen Keith Distillery was mothballed. New owners overhauled and refurbished the distillery reopening it in 2013.

Official bottlings of Glen Keith Single Malt are rare, with the few that are available on the market today being mostly batches that were released in the 1990s. The only widely available is the 10 year old. The vast majority of Single Malt bottlings that occurred at the Glen Keith distillery were independent ones. Signatory Vintage and Douglas Laing are responsible for the bulk of these. Douglas Laing included a 15-year-old Glen Keith in its Provenance range, while Signatory Vintage’s bottlings have been focused on older casks, including a 36-year-old and a 40-year-old.

Glen Keith whiskies are characterized by their refined and complex profiles. Exhibiting a delicate balance of fruity and floral notes, often accompanied by hints of spice and vanilla, these whiskies showcase the mastery of blending flavors. Maturation takes place in carefully selected oak casks, allowing the spirit to develop depth and complexity over time.



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