Glen Ord 12 year old
Date Tasted: September 2003 # Tasted:
Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Color: Amber
Nose: Rounded with sherry, sweet, dry malt notes; a whif of peat
Body: Medium to full, soft
Palate: A light touch of sherry; malty and very clean; begins with the malt, then comes a dash of barley-suger sweetness and a spicy gingery note, followed by a restrained malty dryness and a crisp hint of peat
Finish: Dry, gingery, spicy, citric, and smooth
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Terry's Rating
Flavor: Dry, Spicy, Sweet ABV: 40%

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Glen Ord distillery, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, stands as a icon of single malt Scotch whisky production. With a heritage dating back to 1838, this historic distillery exudes a timeless charm and a commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

Located on the Black Isle, near the village of Muir of Ord, Glen Ord distillery embodies the essence of its tranquil surroundings. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every step of the whisky-making process. The aroma of Glen Ord’s new make spirit – which smells like a freshly cut lawn – is created by having clear wort, long fermentation, a high cut point and copper rich distillation. By keeping the water in the shell and tube condensers hot the ‘conversation’ between vapor and copper is extended. The actual condensing takes place in after-coolers. A sweet toffee undertone, and gingery spice are added through maturation when the low levels of peat smoke also reveal themselves.

Glen Ord has been available as single malt since the 1980s, although under a confusion of different names: Glen Ord, Glenordie, Ordie, Ord, and Muir of Ord. Several independent bottlers still use the label Glen Ord although Diageo now favors Singleton of Glen Ord and is promoting it heavily in the Asian market.


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