Single Single Malt is Not Redundant

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The term “single single malt” applies to whisky that comes from a single cask made from a single distillery.  The good thing about a single single malt is that it is one of a kind – unique.  The bad thing about a single single malt is that once the cask is gone, there is no more!

The Auchroisk Distillery is a relatively modern malt whiskey distillery which was established in 1972.  Only a small proportion of production is released by the distillery for bottling as official single malt whiskey, much of the remainder is destined for blending.  Morrison & MacKay, Gordon & MacPhail, and the Old Malt Casks are just a few of the independent bottlers to release expressions of Auchroisk single cask malt whisky.

This particular dram is a 23 year old Auchroisk from bottle #284 of 450 is heavily sherried with notes of caramel and cinnamon.  The richer mahogany color is a reflection of the sherry cask aging.  Other Auchroisk expressions are much lighter in color.  It was bottled by First Editions, an independent bottler, at 49.8% abv..  It’s a lovely dram indeed.  A detailed impression of this whisky can be found in our tasting notes.


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