Tasting – April 8, 2024

 In Impressions from the Scotch Hunters

For our April tasting, I had the good fortune to visit several liquor stores in South Carolina.  While the State still prohibits the sale of spirits on Sunday, at least it has the good sense to allow the private sector to operate retail outlets.  Thus, the market is robust, as is the variety of single malts to be found.

This month, we sampled malts from the Lowland, Island, Islay, and Campbeltown regions of Scotland.  The Lochlea – Ploughing edition, Arran 18 year old, and the Lagavulin 11 year old, Offerman edition finished in rum casks were all new tastes.  The 15 year old Glen Scotia has been tasted before but is a harder to find malt that we could not pass up.  The Arran and Glen Scotia were the most robust of the four.  The Lagavulin 11 year old, Offerman 4th edition was finished in Caribbean rum casks and was a softer and slightly sweeter expression by comparison to other Lagavulins.  Finally, the Lochlea was a pleasant surprise!  This was our sixth Lochlea and the first to provide and earthy hint of peat for this relatively young distillery.

See our Tasting Notes for more detailed impressions of these malts.

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