Tasting – February 16, 2024

 In Impressions from the Scotch Hunters

This time our tasting group took a deep dive into the world of peated malt whisky!  While not exclusively Islay, the expressions selected highlight some of the new distilleries in Scotland – a trend we hope continues.  There were two Highland malts, an Islay malt, and a newcomer from the Isle of Skye.  The goal was to select malts along a broad continuum of light to heavy peat/smoke.  The Ardbeg 5 year old proved to be the heavy weight of the group.  The remaining three malts fell at the lighter end of the spectrum.

The Ardnamurchan cask strength and the Torabhaig Allt Gleann, both with no age statements, were from recently founded distilleries.  The Ardnamurchan distillery was built 2014 and is owned by Adelphi, an independent bottling company.  Its first whisky was released in 2019.  Torabhaig is the second ever licensed distillery on the Isle of Skye and became fully operational in 2017.  Both distilleries produce peated and unpeated whisky.

A more detailed description of our impressions can be found in our individual tasting notes.

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