The New Editions Bottle Some Interesting Malts

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New Editions bottle some interesting malts.  Generally, they release less common malts that have been aged a little longer than what you see on most store shelves.  The Auchroisk 23 year old is a single single malt aged in sherry casks.  A single single malt means that the juice in the bottle comes from a single distillery and has been aged in a single cask.  In this case, it is  bottle 284 of 450.  The bottlers also declare that this malt is cask strength, although it is only 49.8% abv.

This dram is deep amber almost mahogany in color.  The sherry influence dominates along with a toffee note followed by a warming spicy cinnamon finish.  Quite tasty in my view.

A word of caution. We’ve had several malts bottled by New Editions.  In at least four instances, the corks have broken off in the bottle.  You can always decant the remaining whisky or save some corks to use as replacements.  It shouldn’t hinder your decision to purchase these uncommon whiskys.

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