Visiting an Old Peaty Friend

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In preparation for our February Tasting, which will include peaty malts from from the Western Highlands, the Islands, and Islay regions, I decided to pull out a 9-year old Caol Ila bottled by Signatory from the whisky cabinet.  It’s a single-single malt that our group rated a solid 3.50.  At the time I thought it rather simple malt, emphasizing a flat, peatyness that did not hold my attention.

On first sip, I had the same experience but I has I have often said, “Give every malt some time – evaluate what you’re drinking only after the third sip.”  Taking my own advice and upon additional reflection, I tasted a bit more.  Certainly, the smoke and peat dominate but before long some citrus does show itself and then some nice spice of some sort.  I was pleased with these discoveries.

It has been a brisk winter so far, just the type of weather for good Islay whisky.  I hope we find some real stars in this next group of single malts in 10 days time.

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